[rescue] DEC AlphaServer 4100 5/300 Questions

Björn Ramqvist v53278 at g.haggve.se
Sat Dec 20 18:09:00 CST 2003

Martin Marshall wrote:
> http://h30097.www3.hp.com/noncommercial-unix/buy.htm
> There is a note that the DEC 4000 support was removed from the 5.1B-1 version.
> Are earlier versions of DEC/Compaq UNIX available that will run on this box?

No, there's a note that the DEC-series of Alpha servers are withdrawn
and unsupported from version V5.1, so the last supported version for the
XMI- and Turbochannel-bus machines are V5.0A.

> Research indicates that the second PS is a spare when running 2 CPUs.  I suppose
> that I can remove the PS to clear the fault, but does anyone have a spare
> H7291-AA power supply available?

I dont, but judging from that partnumber you have an AlphaServer 4100,
which is totally different from the DEC4000, aside the Alpha
architecture. Your machine will work *fine* with V5.1B-1.


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