[rescue] SGI 320's

Andrew Weiss ajwdsp at cloud9.net
Sat Dec 20 18:08:59 CST 2003

On Dec 15, 2003, at 5:59 PM, Thomas Gallaway wrote:

> Is it the SGI 1600 series lcd monitor? I have a LCD monitor here not 
> the
> 1600
Yeah the 1600 SW... it's the only thing that can dangle off that port 
as far as I know.

Known good monitors from another system have been tried, and the 
interference appears the moment the unit is powered on.  It's about an 
inch tall and on a black screen it looks like someone put the 
Hamburglar in a blender.  It travels about 2 inches a second up the 
screen from the bottom and starts again.  It also varies in width and 
look as it travels up.  On a standard NT blue background desktop it's 
only moderately visible looking like more intense blue stripes/grey 

On the shutdown grey-out it's also very visible.

> but it does the exact same thing. After like 5 minutes it stops doing 
> it.
> Strange.
> Then I have a newer LCD monitor that has like interference at random. 
> Looks
> like vertical lines distoring the picture at random. But it more looks 
> like
> radio
> interference as it get's stronger and then fades out.
> Maybe it's the high powered radar they are talking about in the 
> washington
> dc
> area.

I'm in NY


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