[rescue] SGI 320's

Thomas Gallaway rescue at port11.net
Sat Dec 20 18:08:59 CST 2003

Is it the SGI 1600 series lcd monitor? I have a LCD monitor here not the
but it does the exact same thing. After like 5 minutes it stops doing it.
Then I have a newer LCD monitor that has like interference at random. Looks
like vertical lines distoring the picture at random. But it more looks like
interference as it get's stronger and then fades out.

Maybe it's the high powered radar they are talking about in the washington

-- Thomas

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> Speaking of which... oh the irony.  I just had a service call for one
> of these today.  The LCD panel video daughterboard is probably the
> issue.  The thing has horizontal travelling defects (multicolored
> vertical stripes that look like a set of NMR data before a Fourier
> Transform [vertical scribbles very close together <no gaps> of varying
> length] that show up more on black backgrounds and such).  They travel
> like a TV with bad vertical hold settings.  The VGA signal is good.
> Anyone have any ideas.  My first inclination is the daughterboard, but
> then I was trying to figure out what would contaminate a digital signal
> in that fashion.
> Andrew
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