[rescue] SGI 330

John Mothershead john at backyardtech.com
Sat Dec 20 18:08:59 CST 2003

If it is the 320 you're talking about, been there, done that. If I remember
to operate with two procs, they needed to be the same speed etc, as well as
the same stepping. (I believe that's what they called it.) They came loaded
with Win NT and upgrades to 2000 were available, but you needed to patch the
os and bios.

I have no idea if you could get a non-MS OS to work with two procs.

As for video, I tried adding a video card under MS-NT and after a lot of
time gave up. I don't recall, but somewhere I read that it's the on board
video or nothing.

Hope this helps,

-- John

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