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Thomas Gallaway rescue at port11.net
Sat Dec 20 18:08:58 CST 2003

Actually the system's we where talking about was the
SGI 320/540 series. And as far as I can recall there
they are using special power supplys. Also I do not
know much about the 330's but i think the 320/540's
only fit into their special SGI case.

-- Thomas

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> I've got one of these SGI 330 boards that were mentioned on the list last
> or so.  However, I've got two problems with it.   First, for  couple
> of  the matched processor
> sets I've tried for it, I've not been able to get it to come up in dual
> processor mode.
> I've RTFM'ed the SGI 330 documents that I've found for it, and from what I
> can tell,
> I can max out at 2 PIII 800Mhz processors.   Dave, if you've got that
> contact that
> can perhaps part out, (or sell an entire system) I'd really be interested
> in a matched
> pair of processors that's known to work in one of these boxes.
> BTW, these boards seem very similar to Acer Altos 600 boards.  My initial
> Googling
> turned up their manuals (which seemed to have very similar jumper
> configurations...
> but a few slight differences lead me to realize I had an SGI 330 board,
> the Acer.)
> Second, I don't have a decent video card for it.    I'd also be very
> interested in the
> Quadro2 MRX or Quadro2 Pro video card that they came with.  It's got a
very odd
> AGP slot (it's not one I've seen on any other board...but then I'm not an
> AGP expert...)
> I've got a basic AGP card working in the slot....but I'd very much be
> interested
> something a bit higher end....
> The box works great so far....I've tried NT and XP Pro on it as tests, and
> haven't
> had any problems...I've been waiting for the dual processors before I went
> to the
> trouble to fit it up with some SCSI drives and Linux.....wanted to make
> sure it
> functioned properly ...
> If anybody can help me out with some leads here, I'd greatly appreciate
> Earl
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