[rescue] SGI 330

Earl D. Baugh Jr. earl at baugh.org
Sat Dec 20 18:08:58 CST 2003

I've got one of these SGI 330 boards that were mentioned on the list last week
or so.  However, I've got two problems with it.   First, for  couple 
of  the matched processor
sets I've tried for it, I've not been able to get it to come up in dual 
processor mode.
I've RTFM'ed the SGI 330 documents that I've found for it, and from what I 
can tell,
I can max out at 2 PIII 800Mhz processors.   Dave, if you've got that 
contact that
can perhaps part out, (or sell an entire system) I'd really be interested 
in a matched
pair of processors that's known to work in one of these boxes.

BTW, these boards seem very similar to Acer Altos 600 boards.  My initial 
turned up their manuals (which seemed to have very similar jumper 
but a few slight differences lead me to realize I had an SGI 330 board, not 
the Acer.)

Second, I don't have a decent video card for it.    I'd also be very 
interested in the
Quadro2 MRX or Quadro2 Pro video card that they came with.  It's got a very odd
AGP slot (it's not one I've seen on any other board...but then I'm not an 
AGP expert...)
I've got a basic AGP card working in the slot....but I'd very much be 
something a bit higher end....

The box works great so far....I've tried NT and XP Pro on it as tests, and 
had any problems...I've been waiting for the dual processors before I went 
to the
trouble to fit it up with some SCSI drives and Linux.....wanted to make 
sure it
functioned properly ...

If anybody can help me out with some leads here, I'd greatly appreciate it.


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