[rescue] DEC AlphaServer 4100 5/300 Questions

Dan Duncan dand at pcisys.net
Sat Dec 20 18:08:56 CST 2003

As I recall, 'Martin Marshall' wrote:
> I just rescued an AlphaServer 4100 5/300 with 2 = CPUs and 512 MB RAM.  The 
> drive in the StorageWorks shelf has been pulled.  Now I have a few questions:

Nice.  I have a 2100, dual cpu (4/233), 256MB ram, SWXCR 3-channel hardware 
RAID controller, and 16 internal SBB bays split up as 4 disks/channel.
Do you need any disk carriers? (SBBs)  I have several spare ones 
(narrow SCSI) with 1GB drives.  The drives aren't known good, but I'll
send you a couple for shipping costs.  If you want them without drives
to cut the weight, I'll yank them out.

> I would like to run a version of DEC/Compaq Unix.  Will this box run Tru64 UNIX 
> Version 5.1B-1 or 5.1, both of which appear to be available as "Non-Commercial 
> Tru64 UNIX Technology Enthusiast package" from HP?

My 2100 boots 5.x, so I imagine your 4100 is supported.

> Also, the second of the two power supplies has a fault according to SRM. 
> Research indicates that the second PS is a spare when running 2 CPUs.  I suppose 
> that I can remove the PS to clear the fault, but does anyone have a spare 
> H7291-AA power supply available?

If the power supplies are like the ones in my 2100, there are some internal
fuses you might check.


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