[rescue] IRIS Crimson for Sale on eBay

Darryl Barile dbarile at interserv.com
Sat Dec 20 18:08:55 CST 2003

Lionel Peterson doth quote: 
> If your interest is sincere, I'd be happy to attempt an inventory, but
> it is cold in the garage, and I'd rather not spend the time unless you
> are somewhat serious...

Well don't get cold yet. I am however looking at my map to see how far NJ
is from RTP. I would have to say that the sleds and the keyboard mention 
did catch my eye. Unfortunately I have no Indigo feet. Purple or otherwise.

> Well, I paid a lot for it ($200 incl. monitor, keyboard, mouse, power
> cord), then left it sit in my garage for at least 18 months... (I even
> drove to MD from here to pick it up, took ALL DAY with my then 5 year
> old in tow...)

Been there (MD) without the 5 year old. 

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