[rescue] VME junque

Scott Newell newell at cei.net
Sat Dec 20 18:08:55 CST 2003

Found a stack of junk in the closet...anyone interested before I strip the fun
chips and trash the boards?

Digimax-10: appears to date from '85 or so.  Lots of socketed SSI and PLDs,
some analog and ECL...maybe an analog I/O board?

Datacube protomax II VME wirewrap protoboard.  Lots of socketed circuitry
(including a Oak Technology fax compression chip) and connectors included--you
supply the schematic.

Bit3 model 446-202 VME card.  Tons of Xilinx fun to be had.  Who knows what
secrets could be buried in the socketed onboard 27C256 eprom?

VMIVME Repeat S from VMIC.  Some kind of bus extender?  Connectors, LSI,
resistors packs.

An unknown DSP board, with a pair of (socketed) Moto 56001 chips, in hobbyist
friendly PGA packaging.  Maybe some fast plcc eproms to hold the code?


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