[rescue] IRIS Crimson for Sale on eBay

Thomas Gallaway rescue at port11.net
Sat Dec 20 18:08:54 CST 2003

Well I received a payment on paypal from somebody else and paypal took
it away right away giving my no chance of transfering it to my bank 

I did not know you could do that 5 month later. And also I do not yet 
the technical details on what is going on there. It's just that I am 
a large chunk of money now hehe... (trying to see it happy).

Just everybody be carefull with paypal! I found this really informative 

Need to find an alternative now to paypal.

On Dec 12, 2003, at 11:23 AM, Kurt Huhn wrote:

> On Fri, 12 Dec 2003 10:50:02 -0500
> Thomas Gallaway wrote:
>> Yeah and then you have stuff happening like to me with paypal that
>> the guy cancels his credit card 5 month later and paypal reverses
>> the funds and my goods are gone too.
> So, did the CC company cancel card due to non-payment, and the CC
> company backcharge PayPal?  If the funds are transfered, the funds are
> transferred.
> Even so, I'm about to protect myself from shit like that with a
> proxy-account at my bank.

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