[rescue] quite OT: source for this quote ???

Chad Fernandez fernande at internet1.net
Sat Dec 20 18:08:51 CST 2003

Hmm.... Polaris claims to have invented the snowmobile.  12 person 
sounds more like a snow cat type vehicle which may have been invented by 
  Bombardier, Though.  It could be one of those things that is debatable 
by consideration of what constitutes a snowmobile...... sort of like the 
first personal computer.

Chad Fernandez (whose hoping for snow so he can ride is 1974 Mercury 
Michigan, USA

Samuel Kopel wrote:
>  I followed through with some research, and sure enough,
> Nietzche died in 1900, and the first official snowmobile was invented by
> Joseph-Armond Bombadier in 1935, and this was a 12 person vehicle.  1 and
> 2 person recreational snowmobiles, capable of racing across a frozen
> tundra, weren't around until the late 1950s.  So, Matt can have his quote
> rightfully attributed.

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