[rescue] Antique SunPC accelerator

Lionel Peterson lionel4287 at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 20 18:08:49 CST 2003

--- Dieter Montanez <dieter at plantcomputers.com> wrote:
>  will any LINUX run on thhos SBUS SunPC ?

Not AFAIK, the best ones are 5x86 @ 133 MHz, about as fast as a 75 or
90 MHz Pentium 1 for most uses, and they are not so much a "PC on a
card" as they are specialized circuits that allow an x86 CPU to
natively execute x86 instructions, while all higher-level calls
(graphics, other I/O) are redirected to the native OS.

The SBUS SunPC cards support a very small range of OS (I think Win 3.1
and Win 95), while the SunPCi cards support Win2K and Win98, and the
current ones even support WinXP...

I have heard rumblings about the PCI SunPCi cards supporting Linux, as
they are really more like "PC on a card" with a near complete I/O
subsystem on-board. (I have no links, pointers)


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