[rescue] Did I kill the octane?

Scott Newell newell at cei.net
Sat Dec 20 18:08:48 CST 2003

I knew I was pushing my luck by taking it apart and cleaning out the dust,
especially using a vacuum in the (low humidity) wintertime.  But I consider
myself careful, as I've never lost a board due to ESD.  And I've handled a
lot of boards.

So, I put it all back together and plug in the 110...fans, no light, no
drive.  Hmmm...this is odd.  With the XIO carrier pulled out, the diag leds
on the front plane show base I/O (top left) and PCI card cage (top right).
I don't have a PCI card cage.

Next up--yank the system board and press down on the central black
heatsink.  I also tightened up the screws holding the heatsink to those two
chips (heart and spider?).  Reseated the memory.  Pulled the front plane
and double checked the SCSI riser board, and tightened the screws on the
xbow heatsink.  After this step, the diag leds have displayed nothing, base
I/O only, and I/O + PCI.  (The patterns appear random, changing at each

OK, slide the XIO card carrier back in.  Single SI board present, in
position A.  No change in the diag leds.

Pulled the system board yet again, pressed down (pretty hard--30-50 pounds)
on the heatsink.  Reseat, power up and the leds are showing: I/O, slot D,
slot C, and PCI.  A few more power cycles and I see other patterns: nada,

During all the tests I've been monitoring the serial port, and there's been
no output at all.  At no time does the lightbar go red.  (My lightbar lamps
are long gone, so I don't know if it's trying to show white on the lightbar
or not.)  At no time have boards been removed or inserted with the AC cord

Any ideas?



The diag led diagram I've been refering to is:

 BaseIO  X
     QA    X  X  PCI Expansion
     QD    X  X  QB
     QC    X  X  Heart

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