[rescue] Netopia analog router question

Tim H. lists at pellucidar.net
Sat Dec 20 18:08:46 CST 2003

On Sat, 6 Dec 2003 11:58:16 -0500
"Tim H." <lists at pellucidar.net> wrote:

> It should count as on topic, I paid too much for it on ebay :-)
> I have a Netopia R2121, it's a little router gadget with 2 56K modems
> in it, and an 8 port 10bT hub, and it actually seems to work quite
> well. However, it does not seem to be able to dynamically acquire a
> gateway via PPP on dialup.  Has anybody used one of these and managed
> to overcome this problem?
> It seems they are assuming that an ISP will have only 1 dial up
> gateway, and expect it to be static, however my ISP is routing at
> every PPP endpoint, so the gateway is different every time I log in.
> I have put the latest firmware (4.11.3) on it.
> Any suggestions would be useful, I really don't want to make a nasty
> automated telnet/snmp kludge to automatically set it from another
> machine, but if I must...
> Tim H.
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Got it.  Apparently you are supposed to leave the remote end of your PPP
link and the default gateway set to, in which case the router
does the Right Thing(tm) 

Is there something I don't know about that would make this
obvious, or is this just really confusing?

Tim H.

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