[rescue] Mystery boards...

Mike Hebel nimitz at nimitzbrood.com
Sat Dec 20 18:08:37 CST 2003

On Thursday, December 4, 2003, at 09:12 PM, Andrew Weiss wrote:

> On Dec 4, 2003, at 9:57 PM, Mike Hebel wrote:
>> Unfortunately these are sbus cards for Sparc systems.  :-(
>> I _think_ it might be ISDN but I'm really out of my depth on this one.
>> I just noticed that the silkscreen says  NW-xx on the top and the one 
>> label, LOF,  possibly means Loss of Frame. (?)  So maybe it's an odd 
>> CSU or DSU card?
>> Mike Hebel
> Those look exactly like the boards I got out of that video 
> teleprompter/overlay server thing I found on the street.  They were 
> VME 32 or so... the two connector boards.
> Perhaps for a custom computing system.

It's just weird enough a board for me to try and buy a VME chassis for 
it when I get a chance.

But not right now.


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