[rescue] First round of SGI inventory (and list)

Bill Bradford mrbill at mrbill.net
Sat Dec 20 18:08:36 CST 2003

Spent about 30 minutes doing a quick inventory of the SGIs.
(plug-in, power-up, does it chime, if so, hinv).  

I've got at least two teal I2s and two purple I2s with (I think) 
Impact graphics (13W3 with DB9 on the card) and/or dual-head setups 
that I can't get to POST right now that may be fixable, may be good
to part out.  I just didn't have to time to pop any cases right now.

Here's the preliminary list of the stuff that POSTs and lets me do a
HINV.  I didn't do a disk inventory of any of these boxes, but will
make sure that they all ship with at least one hard drive and a 5.25"
sled if possible.  I've got two more known-working teal I2s that I just
haven't gotten to yet.

Machine		CPU		RAM	Graphics		Other
Indy		R4K-SC @100Mhz	64M	24bit			Floptical
Indigo2 (Teal)	R44KSC @200Mhz	128M	Extreme
Indigo2 (Teal)	R44KSC @200Mhz	128M	Extreme, XL
Indigo2 (Teal)	R44KSC @200Mhz	256M	Extreme, XL
Indigo2 (Purp)	R44K C @250Mhz	128M	High-AA Impact, High Impact
Indigo2 (Purp)	R44KSC @200Mhz	64M	Max Impact w/TRAM
Indigo2 (Teal)	R8KSC  @75Mhz	128M	Extreme

All the cases have minor scuffs/scrapes (have been in storage for at *least*
a year), but all systems have intact/perfect front panels and I have more 
sets of teal and purple feet than I have machines.

Purchase Offers, advice on worth, etc, greatly appreciated.  I can move 
stuff around to make sure that everything goes out with at least 128M RAM.

I've got four more (or so) I2s to go through, and all the RS6K and 
Sun stuff as well.  I just have a pressing need to turn what I've got, into
cash (or PayPal) ASAP, since the check I was supposed to get from Google
for October hasn't shown up yet.


bill bradford
mrbill at mrbill.net
austin, texas

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