[rescue] Dumb SGI Indigo^2 question...

Joost van de Griek joost at jvdg.net
Sat Dec 20 18:08:35 CST 2003

On 2003-12-03 15:59, Bill Bradford wrote:

> On Wed, Dec 03, 2003 at 08:24:38AM -0500, Carl R. Friend wrote:
>>> My favorite so far was the "beat the breathalyzer" one, where they
>>> both got horribly drunk.
>>    Oh, god, THIS I've got to see.  They're riotous enough when
>> straight.  Are they funnier when sozzled?
> Yes.  They both went to a police station, got TOASTED, then tried to see
> if anything would help them beat the breathalyzer.  Funniest thing I've
> ever seen.. They were blowing .11s.

I remember a few years ago, there were a few bars here in Amsterdam that had
breathalysers, rather large machines that would give you an alcohol
promillage reading doe 50c or so. I suppose someone figured it would be a
good idea to give people the opportunity to test their alcohol level and
adjust their intake accordingly.

My friends and I, however, mostly used the machine to hold contests, seeing
who could get the highest reason. I have reason to believe that this was, in
fact, the most popular use for such machines.

Haven't seen one for quite some time, now. :-)))

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