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> On Mon, 1 Dec 2003, Ido Dubrawsky wrote:
> > I've got some systems that don't have alot of disk space and I want to
> > apply MU4...It appears to me that I have three choices:
> >
> >       c. Split the update in two, create two sub-650MB ISO images and
> >	then burn CDs of the two updates
> >
> > ...took a little effort but I figured out how to do it
> How did you do it?
Sorry...small lapse in my thinking, I should have included the directions on 
how to do this.  The key thing to know when doing this is that there is a file
in the Solaris_9_MU4/sparc/Patches directory named .order .  This file contains
a list of all the patches in the MU as well as the order they need to be 
installed.  This is what I did:

1. Unzip the zipfile of the maintenance update into a directory called cd1, 
2. mkdir cd2
3. cd cd1
4. cp -pr MU_Documentation MU_Sparc_Patchlist backout_mu install_mu copyright \
   rr_moved ../cd2
5. mkdir ../cd2/Solaris_9_MU4 ../cd2/Solaris_9_MU4/sparc \ 
6. cd Solaris_9_MU4/sparc/Patches
7. cp .order ../../../../cd2/Solaris_9_MU4/sparc/Patches
8. cp -pr 113[6-9]* ../../../cd2/Solaris_9_MU4/sparc/Patches
9. cp -pr 11[4-9]* ../../../cd2/Solaris_9_MU4/sparc/Patches
10. rm -rf 113[6-9]* 11[4-9]*

These steps physically break the MU into two distinct "images".  The next thing
to do is edit both .order files in both "images" so that they contain only the
patch numbers that are present in the "images".  It is important to remember 
NOT to sort the .order files but to retain the order of the patches as they 
are listed.  My method was a bit more tedious because it was late at night and
I was tired but essentially what I did was list the directory out with an 'ls'
command and redirect the output to a file (that generated the list of patches
that were in the Patches directory -- plus the list file itself but not the
.order file).  You could then do a sed loop or a perl program to split the 
.order file -- whatever way you want.  Once you do that you copy the 2 .order
files to their respective "images" and then use mkisofs to create the ISO 
images of the CDs:

[root at nostromo]
# mkisofs -v -r -T -J -V "Solaris 9MU4 CD1" -o /opt/software/S9MU4-1.iso /opt/software/solaris/cd1
[root at nostromo]
# mkisofs -v -r -T -J -V "Solaris 9MU4 CD2" -o /opt/software/S9MU4-2.iso /opt/software/solaris/cd2

Then, because I don't have a CD burner on my SPARC box that I did this on I 
transfered the images to a Linux box and used cdrecord to burn the images onto
blank CDs.  

Hope that helps,
Ido Dubrawsky, CISSP           			E-mail:  ido at dubrawsky.org
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