[rescue] scanner hell

Curtis H. Wilbar Jr. rescue at hawkmountain.net
Sun Aug 31 12:58:13 CDT 2003

Well, not only is the USB Microtek scanner that I posted about alread
bad (scanning head lamp/hv is not working to the right brightness),
but the HP ScanJet 4100C I have is also toast....

The HP was given to me, and I found out the power supply wasn't putting
out any voltage...

So... I had to beat the tar out of it with a hammer (I could have renailed
an entire board on my deck with the force that took)... got it open and
found a picofuse on the primary side open... it was long enough so I
twisted that to "short" the picofuse...  there was a cracked trace on a
small PCB in there (that holds one capacitor and a full wave bridge
rectifier) that was cracked from the hammering... fixed that got the
30V on the output (it should be noted the power supply looks like hell
:-) ).

Well, attempt to power the scanner... hear a faint sizzle... take the
logic board out of the bottom of the scanner... something is fried
(previously... it just got a bit extra happy from me) at the power
input side....

So... anyone got a dead ScanJet 4100C that has like a bad scanning head
that the logic board might be good on (two screws and three connectors and
it comes out nice and easy) ????

Too bad the HP doesn't use the same scanning head as the Microtek... :-(

Oh well....

-- Curt

Curtis Wilbar
Hawk Mountain Networks
rescue at hawkmountain.net

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