[rescue] For those of you looking for portmaster terminal servers...

Lionel Peterson lionel4287 at yahoo.com
Sat Aug 30 17:47:57 CDT 2003

A great resource for info on these (I meant to add this to the original
posting) is www.portmasters.com - docs, refurb'd units, etc...


--- "Curtis H. Wilbar Jr." <rescue at hawkmountain.net> wrote:
> Also with these... if you have a need for 30 ports... you can take
> two 20 port units and make a 10 porter and 30 porter.  The first
> 10 ports are on the mainboard, the second two are expension cards
> and are identical.... as I recall you change jumpers or dip switches
> to tell it which card it is (#2 or #3).
> Also, if you ever have a 30 porter die and find the dedicated 10 port
> model, the mainboard is the same (as I recall... it has been a while
> since I've been inside one).
> Also, the network cards fail in these from time to time (rare, but
> I've seen it once or twice now), and you can actually swap them from
> another unit.
> What is more of a curious beast is the PM-11 !  has an internal
> floppy with a diskette in it and boots ComOS from there.... it's an
> interesting creation.
> -- Curt


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