[rescue] Will buy/trade for SGI Indigo2

Stephen Olson 4steve at nycap.rr.com
Fri Aug 29 00:48:47 CDT 2003

Hi Chris

I'm in upstate New York, but have an Indigo2 R10k 195, purple case. 
 Solid impact, 128 Mb ram, 4Gb hd.  Keyboard, no mouse.

It would need to be shiped, but that should not be too bad.  


Purdy, Chris {540020095781} wrote:

>Hi all,
>Do any of you guys live in the Michigan area?  I'm looking
>(desperately)for an Indigo2 (R10k if possible).  I am
>willing to drive 4 hours (250 miles) to pick up for the
>right machine.  I also have various Items available for
>trade, or I can purchase for the right price. 
>Items for trade that may or may not be of Interest:
>-Sparc10 - Dual 125Mhz Proc. (don't remember the rest of
>the specs off the 
>top of my head)
>-Ultra1 170, 3d creator
>-Sparc5 w/24 bit graphics card installed
>-24 bit Leo graphics card (for sparc 10)
>-Sgi Iris Indigo R3K XZ-24 w/ DAT drive (will have to check
>amount of ram)
>-Sgi Iris Indigo R3K entry level graphics, needs ram
>-21" gateway monitor (trinitron)
>-900MHZ Athlon PC (can't remember specs, over 300 meg ram)
>-HP Laserjet III printer (needs new toner cart.)
>-Amiga 1200HD w/SCSI card installed + LOTS of software
>(workbench 3.0)
>I'm located in Fenton, MI just 10 miles south of Flint. 
>Thanks for your help,
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