[rescue] analog routers...

Dan Duncan dand at pcisys.net
Thu Aug 28 16:12:08 CDT 2003

I've got a few Ampro LittleBoards (embedded with PC-104 interfaces)
that can be jumpered to send all the console text (including POST)
through the first serial port.  The term emulation is some 
not-so-common variety and as I recall inbound text still
uses the keyboard interface, however.  These are Cyrix 486-based
units, which I guess shows their age.  They have onboard SCSI,
ser, par, floppy, and that's about it.  They fit into a 5.25" 
drive bay and use a drive power lead.  I had a few installed
into the bays of a functioning desktop system just so I could tell
people it wasn't A computer, it was *5* computers.

I never really did anything useful with them and they now
gather dust on a shelf.


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