[rescue] Re: New Home Toys

Bjorn Ramqvist v53278 at g.haggve.se
Wed Aug 27 00:37:20 CDT 2003

Michael Thompson wrote:
> >No, but holy mother of...! You know the pricetag on such boards, new?
> >Heh.
> >How many boards did you have?
> I have 7 CPU boards with 2x336 MHz CPUs and 1GB RAM each, 4 Sbus I/O boards
> with a total of 4 Emulex 9002 Fibre Channel boards and 2 Fast Wide
> Differential Ultra SCSI boards, and a bunch of Fibre Channel modules, 12
> Power/Cooling modules, 2 clock boards, 1 copper/optical Fibre Channel adapter.
> I found CPUs modules for $49 each, the boards for about $1k each. That
> doesn't mean that someone will really pay that much. It would be
> interesting to know what these systems cost when they were new. The systems
> are 5 years old now so they aren't worth much.

Sorry, I was reffering to the Fibre Channel boards, which are NOT five
years old (cause they are 2Gbit).
At an average, we're paying $2000-$2500 per PCI-card from Compaq.


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