[rescue] Re: Creator 3D Series 3 Performance

Rip Loomis rip at flagon.com
Tue Aug 26 22:40:54 CDT 2003

Paolo Di Francesco writes: 

> I have a Elite3d m6 in my blade1000 and I am experiencing really poor 
> perfomance in 2d scrolling. [...] when I scroll down part of a web
> page under mozilla or firebird the scrolling ir ridiculous, like a
> 386sx scrolling up and down... 
> Considering that I have a blade 750Mhz Cpu and it's much slower than my 
> AMD Duron 800mhz, well that's embarassing :(

Very weird results.  For comparison, I have an U60 with 2x360MHz CPUs,
1GB RAM and 2xElite3d-m3 cards...and both Mozilla and Firebird run
rather well (better than "acceptable", although not quite as fast as
the equivalent Win32 releases on a PIII-850 laptop).  What versions
of Mozilla and Firebird are you trying?  I've done absolutely nothing
to configure the cards other than getting the second one set up as
a second "head"...and from what I know the differences in 2D performance
between the E3D-m3 and -m6 should be minor if any.  The only thing that
seems to take forever for me under Mozilla and Firebird is saving
anything to a file.  IOW, I don't doubt your results but they make
no sense to me.  Hmm...did you turn on some sort of "smooth scrolling"
mode in Mozilla perhaps? 

The only other suggestion that I have is to try Mozilla 1.5a--several folks
have anecdotaly indicated that it's perceived to be faster on SPARCs
and such than any previous release.  I haven't noticed any real
difference on my boxen. 

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