[rescue] Creator 3D Series 3 Performance

Paolo Di Francesco paipai at tin.it
Tue Aug 26 06:57:32 CDT 2003

Michael Still wrote:

> I got a c3ds3 for my ultra30 because I have a 24" tube as well.  Frankly 
> I wasn't impressed, but I attributed the slow performance to either 
> bloatware gnome or my inability to optimize it.
> I've just lived with it for a while though.

I have a Elite3d m6 in my blade1000 and I am experiencing really poor 
perfomance in 2d scrolling. Maybe I am not able to set it up (some black 
magic???), so I am asking your help gurus... :)

The problem is that when I scroll down part of a web page under mozilla 
or firebird the scrolling ir ridiculous, like a 386sx scrolling up and 

Considering that I have a blade 750Mhz Cpu and it's much slower than my 
AMD Duron 800mhz, well that's embarassing :(


Ciao Ciao

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