[rescue] Prestoserve

Robert Rose rr at rits.com.au
Tue Aug 26 04:05:46 CDT 2003

At 06:07 PM 25/08/2003 -0500, Joshua wrote:
> > Q2: When I'm done moving house** I've got an Ultra2 earmarked for NFS &
> > CIFS duties, I've already got a hardware RAID controller and 6x9Gb in a
> > type 711 case for the job, but would I gain anything by sticking the 
> presto
> > card in too?
>What are you using for the hardware raid?

I've got a Mylex DAC960SX in an old Sun 811 open front case that I attacked 
with a dremel.  Pictures available if required once I move house.


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