[rescue] Re: New Home Toys

Bjorn Ramqvist v53278 at g.haggve.se
Mon Aug 25 07:59:51 CDT 2003

Michael Thompson wrote:
> The E3500 doesn't have any disks in it either so it looks like I get to
> learn about FC-AL. I removed one of the Sbus I/O boards from the E3500 and
> installed two of the CPU boards from the E5500. It now has 8x336 MHz CPUs
> and 8GB RAM. The Sbus I/O boards all have Emulex LP9002S 2Gb/s FC boards on
> them. I don't have anything to connect them to though. I do have an old Sun
> RAID with a FC (25MHz?) interface that contains 30x2GB disks. Will this
> connect to the FC ports on the 3500?

No, but holy mother of...! You know the pricetag on such boards, new?
How many boards did you have?


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