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Curtis H. Wilbar Jr. rescue at hawkmountain.net
Mon Aug 25 01:17:23 CDT 2003

What I find nice for console servers is Livingston/Lucent
PM2E.  There is the fixed config PM2E-10 (in the smaller chassis...
nice for home), then PM2E-30 chassis with 10, 20, or 30 ports.

I've had the break problem with these, but only on port S0...
(odd)... S1 through S29 don't seem to have the problem.

Standardly I config them with filter lists, setup logins using
the system names as usernames, and when you telnet to the portmaster
and log in to that user it connects you to the corresponding sytem

Very nice boxes...

For even smaller, you could find an old Lantronix EPS/4 which 
will have 4 serial ports on it... haven't ever configured one
as a console server though.... only as a print server (it has
one parallel port).

-- Curt

>From: Skeezics Boondoggle <skeezics at q7.com>
>On Sun, 24 Aug 2003, Phil Stracchino wrote:
>> So just in case I'm missing anything here, *does* anyone make an SBUS
>> card with some decent serial ports on it?  I assume from the trend of
>> the discussion that the answer is no.....
>I've had good luck with the 4-port cards from Aurora.  We used one in an
>SS5 (later a U1) to manage some leased-line modems (56k Telerate feed); I
>recently put together a nice U2 as a Jumpstart/cfengine/console server for
>a client (serial connections to three 420Rs and a Cisco); and I picked one
>up on Ebay absurdly cheap (one of those rare and unexpected deals that
>just make you say "Yes!!  Yesssss!!" and behave like an idiot :-) to build
>myself a new console server out of a Classic here on the home network (I'm
>just too lazy to keep dragging the 20' cable from the VT320 to the
>particular box I need to talk to at the moment. :-)
>(Woo!  Longest run-on sentence of the week!)
>The only problem is that the less expensive models will send BREAKs at
>power-on/reboot, so that's a drag unless you consult the Scrolls and do
>the appropriate cable hack and/or disable the BREAK processing (assuming
>you hang some Solaris boxes off those ports).  Your application may not be 
>sensitive to BREAKs, though, so that might not be a problem.
>(Okay, so I'm still a little zonked from a wedding this afternoon where a
>friend and fellow sysadmin/programmer was getting hitched.  I have this
>extra SC2000 that I promised/threatened to give him ("Symmetric
>multiprocessing is the gift that keeps on giving!") but I guess there are
>"concerns" that the heat & noise may be a bit much.  Well, not one to
>disrupt someone's wedded bliss, I guess I'll have to keep it and head over
>to Pottery Barn or something.  Is it entirely too dorky to give someone
>matching shell accounts as a wedding gift? :-)
>Feelin' no pain...
>-- Chris
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