[rescue] Re: Sun Enterprise Models

Gavin Hubbard ghub005 at xtra.co.nz
Sun Aug 24 19:22:26 CDT 2003

Just a little more info on the differences between the Exx00 family members.

>On Sun, 24 Aug 2003 vance at neurotica.com wrote:
>> What is the difference between the Enterprise x000 models and the
>> Enterprise x500 models?
>I believe the only differences are:
>  * faster backplane x000 has 83MHz, and the x500 has 100MHz
>  * x500 systems ship with FC-AL instead of SCSI, normally.

This is the difference as shipped. However you can upgrade from an Ex000
system to an Ex500 system simply by replacing the carrier boards with
100MHz capable parts. Unfortunately the backplane in most of the first
generation Ex000 systems (with the 167MHz processors) cannot be upgraded.

The E3500 is physically sligtly different from the E3000 (the peripheral
power supply was moved across to the other side of the backplane). This
allows a maximum of five carrier boards to be installed (vs the E3000's
four boards). The other difference is that the E3500 supports FC-AL disks
internally (instead of SCSI) and has some built-in GBIC ports on the chassis.

The E4000/E4500 and E5000/E5500 systems have the same chassis (8 carrier
slots, 14 CPU capable). The E5xxx machines are literally just E4xxx
machines in a fancy Sun rack.

The E6000/E6500 systems are internally identical. Due to bus signalling
constraints the Gigaplane in both machines runz at 83MHz only and cannot be
upgraded. The E6500 comes in a slightly taller rack and has a faster CDROM
drive than the E6000.



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