Noise and Hearing (was Re: [rescue] Re: Throw anotherpacket on the server...)

Phil Stracchino alaric at
Sun Aug 24 15:19:43 CDT 2003

On Sun, Aug 24, 2003 at 03:18:39PM -0400, Curtis H. Wilbar Jr. wrote:
> >From: Phil Stracchino <alaric at>
> >The former is referred to as a 0-degree crankshaft configuration, the
> >latter as a 360-degree crank (although the crankshaft is actually
> >identical for both; it's the camshafts that differ).
> Hmmm.. so in theory with either engine (0 or 360) you could set it
> up to run either way by altering the timing on one of the cylinder's
> crankshaft (well... there is the whole sparc timing thing to deal with
> too :-) ).

Not by changing the crank, no.  But yes, you can change an engine with
360-degree timing to run 0-degree timing (or vice versa) by changing the
camshafts and the ignition.  On a modern fuel-injected bike, you'd have
to change the whole engine control computer.

However, it probably wouldn't be a good idea, because an engine balanced
to run in one timing will probably vibrate very badly in the other.

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