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Sun Aug 24 13:54:32 CDT 2003

On Sun, Aug 24, 2003 at 12:37:19AM -0400, Larry Snyder wrote:
> Phil Stracchino <alaric at> wrote:
> >   The bikes still had their
> > two-way radios and their lights and sirens, and we had authorization to
> > use them.
> Now _that_ had to have been an absolute blast!

Heh.  True story:

We get a panic-emergency call one day from Bedford General, about 30
miles west of us.  There's a 22-year-old girl who's been seriously
injured in a traffic accident, she's bleeding out on the table, and
they're almost out of her semi-rare blood type.  The closest supply is
in Edgeware, 40 miles south of us on the north side of London.  Welly
hops on the Trident and goes blasting off down to Edgeware.

About 40 minutes later, we get a call from our radio station in
Hatfield, maybe 20 miles away, telling us Welly just checked in on his
way through.  "Oh shit," we think, "he must have hit bad traffic." So we
call up Edgeware to tell them our rider's on the way, but he's been

"What rider?" says Edgeware.  "The one who just left here?"

He'd been and gone.  He'd *AVERAGED over 100mph* from Stevenage through
Hatfield to Edgeware and back to Hatfield, *including* his stop at

(Yes, they saved the girl.)

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