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On Sun, Aug 24, 2003 at 07:09:56AM -0700, Lionel Peterson wrote:
> --- Ross Alexander <ross at> wrote:
> > The firing strokes on all the big British twins that I know of are
> > 360 degrees apart.
> And the difference between 0 degree and 360 degree is, what? (Not
> TRYING to be a pain, but from a non-motorcycle perspective, that sounds
> a bit odd)
> Thanks,

OK.  Here's a simple capsule explanation:

In a four-stroke engine, each piston rises and falls twice for each
power stroke in its cylinder.  Ergo, there are 720 degrees of crankshaft
rotation between successive power strokes on a given cylinder.

Now envision a parallel twin.  There are two possible arrangements in
which the two pistons can rise and fall together.  Either the two
cylinders are perfectly synchronized and make their intake, compression
etc. strokes simuyltaneously with each other, or the two cylinders can
be 360 crankshaft degrees out of phase and alternate their power

The former is referred to as a 0-degree crankshaft configuration, the
latter as a 360-degree crank (although the crankshaft is actually
identical for both; it's the camshafts that differ).

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