Noise and Hearing (was Re: [rescue] Re: Throw another packet on the server...)

Ross Alexander ross at
Sun Aug 24 07:11:27 CDT 2003

> > > *nod*  I drove from Pennsylvania to Washington State in 3-1/2 days at
> > > that age [...] Had a blast, actually.  :)
> > 
> > Heh. I once drove from Baltimore to Los Angeles in 30 hours. I left 
> > Saturday night and school started Tuesday morning. A case of Coke, a 
> > carton of cigarettes, and a couple bags of Tostitos. 19 and stupid.
> Truly impressive.  My personal best: Lancaster, PA to Denver, CO in 36
> hours.

Mine is Peachtree, AK to NYC in just over 24 hours on a Norton Commando.
It was at the end of a coast to coast and back again tour and I had
enough money left in my pocket for gas and coffee, but not enough for a
place to sleep. It was before I knew about earplugs, my ears still ring
slightly, 30 years later.

Ross Alexander
ross at

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