[rescue] Re: New Home Toys

Gavin Hubbard ghub005 at xtra.co.nz
Sun Aug 24 06:31:52 CDT 2003

>I have an Enterprise 5500 and an Enterprise 3500 on the way.
>It looks like the processor boards are the same?
>Can I merge the 5500 boards into the 3500 chassis?
>Michael Thompson
>E-Mail: M_Thompson at IDS.net

You should be fine as long as the processors are the same speed across all
the cards in the target system. The gigaplane architecture is designed so
that if (for some reason) you insert an 83MHz or 90MHz board into an 100MHz
system, the bus controller will automatically clock-down the giagplane bus
to accommodate the slower cards.

Why will you be transferring the E5500 boards into the E3500? Wouldn't it
be better to transfer them in the other direction? (the E5500 is a 14-way
capable machine, it is literally just an E4500 in a fancy Sun rack).



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