[rescue] Gigabit Ethernet (Copper) Switch Advice SOught

N.Miller vraptor at promessage.com
Sat Aug 23 01:46:54 CDT 2003


Procmail + formail == exploded digest:

# explode a digested list
# your mailing list--expand it out and save it
* ^TOyour_mailing_list
# pipe to formail >> mail_folder
| formail +1 -ds >>your_mailinglist_spool

Formail can be useful when mail get screwed up and
winds up somewhere you don't want it to be--like
when you need to filter a bunch of mail that didn't
get filtered when it came in the first time.

It's a bit wonky, though...kind of like procmail. ;-)


On Friday, August 22, 2003, at 10:02 PM, Gregory Leblanc wrote:

>         Sorry about any wonky formatting on this one, my mailer seems
>         tickled by these MIME digests lately.  Someday I'll figure out 
> a
>         procmail rule to explode them before I read 'em.
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>>              Subject:
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>>         Gigabit
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>>         (Copper) Switch
>>         Advice SOught
>>                 Date:
>>         Thu, 21 Aug
>>         2003 16:24:06
>>         -0700
>>         [snip]
>>> One small word of advice:  Buy some "buyer's title
>>         insurance."
>>> Generally,
>>> title insurance only covers the mortgage holder, and, if
>>         there's no
>>> mortgage holder, there won't be any.  Title insurance is a
>>         racket, but
>>> you want some in case there's a problem down the road.
>>         Ditto on that, though depending on the state, it may not be
>>         necessary.
>>         Ask your *escrow* company for advice (*not* the real estate
>>         agent)--
>>         they know this stuff inside and out.
> I've been able to find real real estate agents whenever I've moved.
> I've actually got a couple who are friends now, who I've asked for
> advice whenever house-selling/buying related things come up.  But
> mortgages are certainly completely fucked up, even if the rates are
> REALLY good right now.
> 	Greg
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