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Curtis H. Wilbar Jr. rescue at hawkmountain.net
Sat Aug 23 00:19:58 CDT 2003

For the Sun go with a sbus-pcmcia adapter and use a pcmcia modem.

I haven't done so, but I've heard that this is a good way to do
this from people.

The sbus pcmcia adapters used to go for around $25 or so on ebay
(they may be less now ?), and pcmcia modems are pretty cheap on the
used market (and some people just have them hanging around).

If you have an external modem, I think I have an OpenRoute (bought
by NX Networks) GT60 around.  It should do what you want perfectly
fine (but will require the external modem).  I need to check to see
if I'd have the special cable as well.  This router can handle up to
a T1 via CSU/DSU.  Pretty nice little unit (IMHO).  If your interested
contact me off list.

-- Curt

>Date: Fri, 22 Aug 2003 19:25:07 -0400
>From: Shannon <shannon at widomaker.com>
>To: rescue at sunhelp.org
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>Subject: [rescue] analog routers...
>Any advice on what would be a good analog router?
>I need something cheap.
>I've given up on every finding a fast serial port card for my Sun
>gateway machine, and I can't afford to upgrade it for the foreseeable
>So, I've been looking at analog routers.
>New, they are hideously expensive, even without modems, but I see prices I can
>handle on eBay.
>I have no idea which ones are good, and which are not.
>It has been suggested that I find a cheap DSL/Cable router, which has a
>modem backup, but some people have reported problems dealing with them.
>I don't mind using my existing modem with one though, if there are any
>that work well as an analog router.
>Suggestions welcomed.
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