[rescue] analog routers...

Shannon shannon at widomaker.com
Fri Aug 22 18:25:07 CDT 2003

Any advice on what would be a good analog router?

I need something cheap.

I've given up on every finding a fast serial port card for my Sun
gateway machine, and I can't afford to upgrade it for the foreseeable

So, I've been looking at analog routers.

New, they are hideously expensive, even without modems, but I see prices I can
handle on eBay.

I have no idea which ones are good, and which are not.

It has been suggested that I find a cheap DSL/Cable router, which has a
modem backup, but some people have reported problems dealing with them.
I don't mind using my existing modem with one though, if there are any
that work well as an analog router.

Suggestions welcomed.

UNIX/Perl/C/Pizza__________________________________shannon at widomaker.com

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