[rescue] Re: Throw another packet on the server...

Bjorn Ramqvist v53278 at g.haggve.se
Fri Aug 22 02:07:43 CDT 2003

Bill Bradford wrote:
> (am I the only one who walks into a fully loaded datacenter and goes

I found it very comfy sitting in the datacenter up until the latest (but
very nice) 2U Compaq-servers arrived. Now they are *roaring* with their
highpitched fans, and it's barely possible to stand behind the 47U rack
filled with'em cause of the heat and noise they generate.

The K-class HP9000 boxes makes this wooshing sound that Suns x90
VME-chassies produce. Quite disturbing I'd say.
the Alphas have a low hum and with just those running, it's a nice
humming sound, along with the SAN arrays.


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