[rescue] Re: Throw another packet on the server...

Daniel de Young daniel at velvetsea.com
Thu Aug 21 13:41:38 CDT 2003

On Thu, 2003-08-21 at 11:23, Dave McGuire wrote:

>    I haven't run the Cray all that much since I've lived here, due to 
> lack of fundage.  They were the worst offenders heat-wise.  Up in 
> Maryland when I was running the J90 full time, I had an 18,000 BTU air 
> conditioner handling the machine room.
>    Here (AS500, AS800, AS4100, box full of FC-AL disks, rackmount 
> Ultra60 with lots of disks, E450, a couple Netra-X1s, a couple Ultra1s, 
> and a Cat5000 running full-time in the machine room) I have an 8000 BTU 
> air conditioner handling them.  Barely.  Upgrading that is very high on 
> my priority list.

Sorry, I haven't been around long.  Please give me a moment to process
this list...


Okay... better now.

And my wife thinks I'm a nut for having a few ss20s, u1 u2, few peecees
and a 2924XL.  Perhaps I'll show her this post... hehe  Hanging out in
here is making me long for my days at HP Roseville campus.  I used to
friggin marvel at those (V Class?) servers. I just called them Big Ass
Cube(tm).  They looked like something that belonged in the engine room
of the Star Trek Enterprise.

Anybody know the specs on those?

I can see that frequenting this list and working is going to mean I'll
be forming some new bad habits when I get a job ;)  There has been some
great DEC/Alpha deals just in the last month.  PA-RISC stuff is still
expensive mostly, but there has been a few good deals.


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