[rescue] Re: u2 drive trays

Gavin Hubbard ghub005 at xtra.co.nz
Thu Aug 21 08:41:22 CDT 2003

>You are right, I forgot about that one.  One went for a surprising
>amount on ebay recently.
>But, picture this octane configuration:
>Dual R12k (any speed)
>strip the graphics
>add a quad SCSI card (4xUW SCSI channels)
>add a PCI cardcage
>Add two ISP1080 PCI SCSI cards.
>Add one PCI FDDI card
>Add one GigE PCI card in a XIO carrier
>Add qfe XIO card (probably the most expensive part, but then, those PCI-XIO
>carriers aren't cheap either)
>Add 1 hippi card (optional, if you have other hippi gear, certainly more
>expensive that the QFE XIO) or alternatively, another QFE XIO or another
>GigE card.
>Now, that would be a nicely mosterous file server.

Heh. I'm willing to wager that for the same amount of $$ it would take to
assemble that system piece-by-piece via EBay, you could pick up a complete
deskside Origin 2000 (with the PCI carrier option).



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