[rescue] For Trade: SGI software,manuals,keyboards,mice,machines

Mark Grieshaber mvg1 at earthlink.net
Thu Aug 21 05:11:06 CDT 2003

I've been warned by the Gravity Patrol that critical mass has been
exceeded at my home again, so I'm cleaning out duplicate and
unneeded SGI software, publications, keyboards, mice, and machines.

All of this is original SGI material.  Some of the software is of
current interest (like the IRIX 6.5 base cds).  Some will be of
interest to those still running IRIX 6.2 or IRIX 5.3, or if you like
older hardware.  Condition of everything is either unused or lightly
used (though one manual has a torn cover, and another is well
thumbed).  All manuals are the recent ones which are either wire-bound
with paper covers or stapled paper covers (depending on size).

Although I've not gone through the keyboards and mice yet, I have spare
of many -- I can *probably* help if you need such (including optical
mice and pads) for machines including Power Series, Personal Iris,
Professional Series, Crimson, Indigo, Indigo2, Indy, O2, and Octane.

I also have a very nice 4D/35 Personal Iris, a fairly rare IRIS File,
and a 4D/340VGX (twin tower, 4 cpu, 256Mb ram) that are also looking
for good homes.  My enthusiasm for packing Personal Irises is currently
quite low, but I might be able to be coerced.  The 340 would have to go
via truck, so that would be your responsibility to arrange, or pickup
is fine too.  For the right trade, I'll deliver it! :)

Everything is available for interesting trades.  Please contact me
directly via email, and I can either supply you with a list of items
I'm looking for, or you can try suggesting trades at random.  I very
much prefer to trade, but if absolutely nothing matches up, I'll
consider US$ as well.  Everything is in St. Louis, MO, USA.  No
problem with shipping internationally on the software, publications,
keyboards and mice.

-- Mark

Software cds:
IRIX 6.5 base, complete (7 cds)
   (needed before installing any 6.5.x release.  Includes:
   Foundation 1,
   Foundation 2,
   IRIX 6.5 Applications,
   IRIX 6.5 Development Foundation,
   IRIX 6.5 Development Libraries,
   ONC3/NFS Version 3,
   IRIX 6.5 Base Documentation)
IRIX 6.5 Applications

IRIX 6.5.7 installation tools and overlays (2 cds)
IRIX 6.5.6 installation tools and overlays (2 cds)
IRIX 6.5.4 installation tools and overlays (2 cds)
IRIX 6.5.3 installation tools and overlays (2 cds)
IRIX 6.5.3 Base Documentation
Trusted IRIX/CMN 6.5.3 overlays
IRIX 6.5.2 installation tools and overlays (2 cds)
IRIX 6.5.1 installation tools and overlays (2 cds)

IRIX 6.4 for Origin, Onyx2 and Octane
IRIX 6.4 Applications

IRIX 6.3 for O2 including R10000
IRIX 6.3 Applications

IRIX 6.2 with Indigo2 IMPACT 10000
IRIX 6.2 Applications
IRIX 6.2 Auxillary Applications

IRIX 5.3
IRIX 5.3 All Indigo2 IMPACT
IRIX 5.3 with Presenter 175MHz and 2Mb cache

NFS 4.0.1
NFS version 2

Internal Support Tools 1.0
Internal Support Tools 1.2
Diagnostics 6.0.1
Diagnostics 6.1

Developer Tools Maintenance Release
IRIX 6.3 Development Foundation
IRIX 6.3 Development Libraries
IRIX 6.2 Development Libraries
IRIS Development Option (IDO) 4.0.1
ProDev WorkShop 2.6.5
MIPSpro C++ 6.0.2
MIPSpro Power C 6.0.2
ADA95 Compiler 1.3
MIPSpro Fortran 77 6.0.2
MIPSpro Power Fortran 77 6.0.2
MIPSpro Power Fortran 77 6.1
Fortran 77 3.4.1
Message Passing Toolkit 1.4
Documenter's Workbench 4.1.3

I also have an UNSORTED box of hundreds of surplus SGI cds.

Owner's guides:
Octane Workstation Owner's Guide
O2 Workstation Owner's Guide
Indy Workstation Owner's Guide
Indigo2 Workstation Owner's Guide
Indigo2 IMPACT Workstation Owner's Guide
Origin200 Owner's Guide

Hardware installation/guide:
External SCSI Device Installation Guide
IndyCam Installation Guide for Indigo2
Indigo2 Video for Indigo2 IMPACT Owner's Guide
   (see also programmer's guide below)

Software installation:
IRIS Software Installation Guide
Software Installation Administrator's Guide
IRIX Admin: Software Installation and Licensing
   (note: these three are essentially the same manual.  The
   last one listed is a later version that omits references
   to remote installs from tape, cpu types like Personal
   Iris and Power Series, old miniroot invocation, etc.)

Personal System Administration Guide
NFS and NIS Administration Guide and Man Pages
Diskless Workstation Administration Guide
Network License System Administration Guide
Network Computing System Administration Guide
IRIS Workspace User's Guide

Indigo2 Video for Indigo2 IMPACT Programmer's Guide
IRIX Network Programming Guide
CodeVision User's Guide Volume I
CodeVision User's Guide Volume II

"Pipeline" magazine:
This is a technical/owner's periodical.  It is still being
published electronically (.pdf).  I have many of the print
issues available.

"IRIS Universe" magazine:
A slick promotional/marketing magazine, no longer published.
I have only a very few issues available.

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