[rescue] Gigabit Ethernet (Copper) Switch Advice SOught

Frank Van Damme frank.vandamme at student.kuleuven.ac.be
Thu Aug 21 03:54:56 CDT 2003

On Thursday 21 August 2003 05:55, Jonathan C. Patschke wrote:
> On Wed, 20 Aug 2003, Andrew Weiss wrote:
> > Expose is cool... I dont' like the new finder however... too
> > Windows-like... and no option to fix it.
> I don't like the new Finder, either, but at least moving, renaming, and
> navigating around files doesn't happen on a "next-day service" basis.

Os X is *VERY* impressive if you have a good video card. It's not going to
appeal on older systems however :)

(I am still wondering how Linux would perform on the average G3...)

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