[rescue] Gigabit Ethernet (Copper) Switch Advice SOught

N.Miller vraptor at promessage.com
Wed Aug 20 22:47:01 CDT 2003

On Wednesday, August 20, 2003, at 12:44 PM, Jonathan C. Patschke wrote:
> Was it 10.1 or earlier?  10.2 is a -huge- improvement.  It's almost
> livable for hardcore Unix users like us. :)

That's like the understatement of the century (ok at least the
understatement of the last 10 days on rescue ;-).  I have run 10.2
on a G3 with 192MB of RAM.  With 10.1, you might as well have run
some molasses through a funnel at 0^F.

> BTW, my PowerBook just arrived at the house.  I need to find a good
> excuse to duck out early today.

I hate you.  It's not a passionate thing, but I still hate you.


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