[rescue] I'm still in the need for....

Earl D. Baugh Jr. earl at baugh.org
Wed Aug 20 17:49:26 CDT 2003

...some of the Solaris 9 CD images (zipped of course).   I've gotten no 
response on anybody who has access to them...
(I can't imagine that nobody here has them available....or is it that 
nobody wants to share? 8-) )

I'm particularlly looking for:
	Solaris 9 4/03 Documents (CD's 1 and 2)
and the CD labeled:
	Solaris 9 Software Supplement (for 8/03).

Sun doesn't have them available from their site, but all of these are 
asked, at least on a
clean install on a SS10 and U2.    Sun seems to be doing a poor job (at least
from what I'm seeing) with Solaris 9 (both 4/03 and 8/03) not having ALL 
the CD's available on
their download site for download.   Am I missing some "secret door" or some 
such where
these are located?  I know that the freeware CD "image" (not collection of 
packages) was a bit
tricky to find...

Also, I keep seeing all of these mails with "u2 bracket" in them, and it's 
reminding me that
I need a U2 drive bracket as well.  Anybody got one?  (through out this 
whole thread, I've not
seen that anybody has one...)

Oh, and I've got a couple of drive brackets, that look like they're for a 
SS20 or maybe something
else...they're the purple plastic lever pull over things (were these used 
on anything other than SS20's?)
Anybody need any?  Yours for cheap....(they're just sitting in my pile of 
nicely sorted parts now....
I've found that The Container Store is your friend when you finally get 
around to organizing all of those
computer parts you've collected...esp after a move....)  I've also got SS1 
and SS2 drive and floppy
brackets if anybody is in need...


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