[rescue] Gigabit Ethernet (Copper) Switch Advice SOught

Bjorn Ramqvist v53278 at g.haggve.se
Wed Aug 20 16:44:46 CDT 2003

Jochen Kunz wrote:
> > Oh, and surf pr0n. :-)
> I feel much more comfortable doing this with *ix, because I can be sure
> that all that spyware only works on M$Win.

I don't use IE for surfing pr0n either.
Netscape does a great job doing that, without (hopefully)
browser-related exploits.

And not that I do care, cause I never trust computers to store sensitive
information that would hurt me in person.

> > And no, no noisy power-eating machines into my home. Not until I buy a
> > house, atleast. :-)
> Well. A complete RS/6000 B50 wastes less power then a current PeeCee CPU
> alone. (around 50 W)

I'm not compatible with AIX, and that's a fact.


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