[rescue] Gigabit Ethernet (Copper) Switch Advice SOught

Dave McGuire mcguire at neurotica.com
Wed Aug 20 16:13:30 CDT 2003

On Wednesday, August 20, 2003, at 03:19 PM, Bjorn Ramqvist wrote:
>> Where are these so-called MSIE-only websites?  I have never seen one.
>> What kind of moron would code a site to one specific browser or
>> browser version anyway?
> Oh, you find'em in all sorts of places. For some reason, big companies
> hire incapable webdesigners that use all kinds of spooky editors. I do
> hate'em.

   I've never actually seen one.  I use the WWW all day, all over the 
place, and I don't even *have* a copy of IE here.  I use Camino under 
OS X and Mozilla 1.4 under Solaris.


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