[rescue] Gigabit Ethernet (Copper) Switch Advice SOught

Jonathan C. Patschke jp at celestrion.net
Wed Aug 20 16:01:51 CDT 2003

On Wed, 20 Aug 2003, Bjorn Ramqvist wrote:

> 320MB *should* be enough on any system, imo.

Oh, yeah, that should've been fine.

> HEH.
> I thought it looked nice until I found the screen had a crappy quality
> (ugly CRT mask),

Yep.  That's what did it in for me, too.  The whole screen looks smoky
and distorted.  Colors are also never right on them.  The later DV
models got a little better, but still not on par with the rest of the
stuff Apple's released.

> and the low performance of it. It's a cool design, but
> the I never got the "Mac-magic" to work with it. (I'm a Mac-newbie)

IMO, iMac works best under OS 9 for running Microsoft Office and a web
browser.  It's a perfect "kisok" or library computer, but it's not a
workstation by any stretch of the imagination.

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