FDDI, was: Re: [rescue] u2 drive trays

Kevin kevin at mpcf.com
Wed Aug 20 12:27:09 CDT 2003

Faster than Netscrape 4???  That's hard to believe. 
Netscape 4.79 flies on my Octane but Mozilla 1.4 runs
like frozen molasses.

I had that keyboard bug (keyboard input just stops
working) under Mozilla 1.4.  Normally happens when
you're filling out forms (and always on the last line


On Wed, 20 Aug 2003 11:43:54 -0500
"Jonathan C. Patschke" <jp at celestrion.net> wrote:

> Have you tried 1.5a yet?  I'm completely amazed. 
> Even on my U1/170, it's faster than Netscape 4.  It
> still has that periodic bug where the keyboard just
> "goes away", but I think that's more of a GTK bug
> than a Mozilla bug.

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