[rescue] u2 drive trays

Eric Dittman dittman at dittman.net
Wed Aug 20 12:26:35 CDT 2003

> That was my plan, i was kind of hoping Netgear GA620
> cards would work with IRIX.  I think it is a fair
> assumption since it is grouped into the same driver as
> the SGI Gigabit card within the linux kernel.  I figure
> 50/50 at least.  I've already got several of these
> cards so it can't hurt to try once i get the cage.
> These cards can be had for $25 to $35 or so on Ebay.

That's good to hear.  Keep us up to date on whether it works or not.  I
would guess the IRIX driver may need to be hacked if the PCI ID is changed.
Eric Dittman
dittman at dittman.net

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