FDDI, was: Re: [rescue] u2 drive trays

Dave McGuire mcguire at neurotica.com
Wed Aug 20 11:37:25 CDT 2003

On Wednesday, August 20, 2003, at 12:42 PM, Mike Meredith wrote:
>>> ATM.
>>    Ahh.  I mentioned that I'm not a telecom guy.
>>    What?  You mean you're running IP over ATM, the
>>    non-computer-related,
>> non-computer-networking-suitable telecom protocol?  I have this bridge
> Unfortunately at a certain range of speeds (and assuming you can't run
> your own fibre/get dark fibre) pretty much your only real choice is 
> ATM.

   Hmm, I guess I'm pretty lucky that I have FDDI for normal stuff and 
HIPPI for fast stuff.  Works for me.

   HIPPI runs serially over fiber very nicely.  Base speed is 800Mbps, 
and goes MUCH higher.  And HIPPI *has no MTU*.


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